Viaero Center Specifications 

Bleachers and handicap seating is available on the concourse level 
Floor Size: 200' x 85' 
Main Span of Truss Frames is 175' 
Truss Frames are spaced at 25' with purlins spanning between
Ceiling Height: 55' from center of floor to highest peak/top of steel
                       48' from center of floor to bottom of steel in roof
                       40' from stage level to bottom of steel
Design live load for the roof is given as 30 psf
Ground snow load is 22 psf
Roof snow load is 20.1 psf (includes reduction for contributing area)
Truss Frames will safely support a live load of 20,000 pounds. This load can be applied safely with snow load and as near as possible to the truss joints. Individual loads should be limited to 4,000 - 5,000 pounds.
Seating Capacity: 4500-5500 (Depending on stage size and seating configuration)
Stage: Rentable stage in a variety of sizes up to 80' wide x 4' tall
Hockey dashers are not moveable
House Lights: Controlled from Press Box (on/off only)
Power: Located Back Stage Right
200 and 400 Amp Circuits 100' from stage
Follow Spots: 1 Lycia 1.2 (no booth or ladder)
additional spots can be rented per show
House Sound: Control located in Press Box. (not recommended for Show)
Dressing Rooms: 3 Total, all at Stage Level
Green Room: Available on Concourse level
Loading Dock: Ground level cement pad
Can accommodate 2 semi-trailers side by side
Approx. 75' from loading dock to stage area
Overhead Door: 10' wide x 13' tall
Hotel Accommodations: Best Western and Holiday Inn Express located with-in walking distance.
Restaurants: Several are located less than 1 mile from venue, some within walking distance
Freight Elevator located backstage
Washers & dryers available. Additional laundry facilities located 2 miles from venue. One-day service is available.